Respond correctly to fire damage by means of fire restoration

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About us

We are a company that deals with damages dealt to your home, caused by a fire. With a staff like ours, all of your fire related problems can be dealt with. We focus on fire restoration and renovating services that make you second guess if a fire actually happened in the first place. If you don’t believe us, believe our beloved customers that can vouch for us. With a perfect track record of zero complaints, we know we’ve done our job right, and we strive to keep that record for years to come.

Why should you call us?

With so many companies offering their fire restoration services, you’re right to ask yourself why you should call us. The truth is that we provide an unmatched service that’s keen on establishing great communication with our clients, for superb matching of their expectations. When we’re done with the job, your home will look better than before the fire.

Our services

Our services will provide you with a quick and easy solution to your damaged home. Our work consists of repairing and replacing housing elements, so that your home looks as good as new!



Cleaning is the true foundation of our service. Every part of the job we do requires cleaning in one way or the other. From cleaning the walls and ceilings, to scrubbing your carpet, it’s essential to know the true role of this process. With our hand-picked products we make sure that you won’t be exposed to any dangerous chemicals.



Repairing is the next in restoring your home in its full glory. Be it wooden or metal furniture, we do our best to save and preserve as much as we can. With our specialized handymen any given task can look easy and childish. With great effort, you can rest assured that anything and everything that’s not beyond repair will be restored to its full glory.

Sanitary Preservation

Sanitary Preservation

Sanitary preservation is the last service that’s necessary for any home. We can’t express enough how important your health is to us. By using the right tools and products we make sure to rid your home from deadly toxins and toxic ash created from the fire. This will improve your quality of life.

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Our team

Even though we are famous for our services, we take the most pride in our team. With a healthy work relationship we work as one unit towards a common goal of restoring your home.

  • When asked about our staff, our former client Daniel Kingsley said: “I can’t believe how little time it took. Your employees we’re in and out in a jiffy. It makes me wonder if I dreamt the fire”.

  • Lisa Borrowich had to say: “I’m so glad I got pointed in your direction. This fire was really stressful for me, but thankfully your staff had patience for me and met all of my expectations”.


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