Commodities, External Shocks And Growth

The recent commodity price shock has led us into a corner, having trouble balancing the price of fire restoration. Even though our prices may not seem low, we can assure you that those figures are as low as they can be. In recent years we had to adapt through various economic stages, and that keep our footing firmly planted on the market. All of this is important for a better understanding of our standing prices.

Chasing the best prices

Commodities, External Shocks Growth So what exactly happened? The commodity price hike, which lasts almost a decade, has led many economists to revise their views on the possibilities of development of specialized economies in their production. Until the early 2000s, it was not uncommon even in Orthodox fields, references to the deterioration of terms of trade as a factor impeding development, and even allusions to the paradoxical character of the blessing of the abundance of natural resources as the generator of its counterpart. The intensity, in terms of size, of the number of commodities and the number of years of the price increase suggest that one faces particular historical facts requiring in-depth analysis and reflection.

We try our best to address this issue, highlighting fundamental questions. Are we in fact facing a new configuration of the service price set and new price trends, which can be an important incentive for the development of underdeveloped countries? In order to approach the subject, it was decided to privilege some aspects among many others possible, as well as, to use statistical information for a longer period, in the hope that the past helps to understand the present. Thus, the following text is examined: the nature of commodity production and the comparative performance of peripheral countries in these commodities; the secular tendency of prices, in terms of thresholds, volatility and correlation; the recent financing of prices; the patterns of productive specialization and the alternative economic policy profiles.

Commodities, External Shocks Growth

Please have in mind that we’re doing our best to meet your expectations at an affordable price. Note that we do what we do with great care and attention to detail. Every price rise or drop is backed by careful calculations and every detail is taken into consideration. That said, we still claim any of our services will cost you less than going through the process of replacing your entire furniture and shell of your home. No one ever plans for a disaster, but we do our best to minimize and repair the damage.

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